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STEP THREE - During that consultation, Carter Innovations will quote the price of the package. You can pay Carter Innovations by check, money order, debit card or credit card – Carter Innovations accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal – or you can pay online using the link at  

NOTE: If you agree to have Carter Innovations develop your package, Carter Innovations will send you an invoice for you to sign before starting work on the package. This signature is necessary to ensure we have agreement on the work we are going to produce and the terms of doing the work.

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STEP FIVE -  After payment of services, Carter Innovations will create a questionnaire to capture all pertinent information required to complete a résumé.  Pertinent information includes old résumés, past job performance evaluations, transcripts, military documents, awards, recommendation letters, etc. 
STEP ONE - Send an email to  or call (256) 604-4802  for a free consultation.  Carter Innovations will determine the correct career marketing product(s) based what you want to apply for and your background.  This information can come from existing résumés or other applicable job documentation.  Also, it is important to know what potential job positions that are in alignment with your career ambitions.

Service Agreement

Payment shall be received before final career-marketing products and services are rendered.  All transactions occur through PayPal’s servers.  This ensures a safe and secure transaction for the client.  In addition, PayPal accepts all major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Accuracy & Completeness
The client is responsible for proofreading all material to ensure accuracy, completeness, punctuations, and grammar. If changes are required after final drafts have been provided to the client, there may be an additional fee depending on resubmission requirements.

Once career-marketing services commence, there are no refunds.​​

Career marketing documents created by Carter Innovations does not guarantee an interview for current or prospective job positions.  Rather, the documents will increase the probability of a prospective interview due to the incorporation of successful industry standards for adequate career marketing.

Privacy Policy

Any information provided to Carter Innovations by clients or potential clients by online forms, in person, telephone, fax, email or another format will not be shared with other entities except as required for normal business purposes to complete your work, without your permission, unless required by law.  All electronic copies of your project are stored on a backup (i.e. secondary) server for backup purposes – clients will have a backup copy of their career marketing documents.  If you request Carter Innovations to delete your résumé and other files from our computer systems, we will remove them from our primary and secondary servers accordingly. 

STEP FOUR - Upon receipt of the invoice and payment, Carter Innovations will create a questionnaire to be sure to include all the information required in a resume (particularly relevant to a Federal resume package).  This upfront material will ensure all of the keywords employers expect and ensures we include all of your accomplishments to highlight how you bring value to a potential employer. Carter Innovations will first ask to receive your written answers to the questionnaire and then will offer an interview to clarify the answers (if necessary).

STEP SIX -  Once you approve your career-marketing products from this professional resume writing service, you will receive the final copies.  Carter Innovations will send you the résumé draft via email in the both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats.  You will have three (3) weeks  to provide Carter Innovations any changes to your documentation.

STEP TWO -  Once Carter Innovations receive your information, we will call or email you, with a free consultation to determine the best package to fit your needs. You can initiate a phone appointment via the company website at

Résumé Writing Services: Career-Marketing Process & Agreement

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